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Orange Finance Privacy Policy
Last Updated: February 7, 2023
1. Introduction
Welcome to the Perfect Solution Group, Ltd (“Orange”) Privacy Policy (the “Privacy Policy”). This Privacy Policy explains how we collect and use any information you submit when using the Interface, as defined within the Orange Finance Alpha User Terms of Service (“User Terms”). This Privacy Policy should be read in conjunction with the User Terms and integrated into the User Terms. All capitalized proper nouns not defined in this Privacy Policy will have the same definitions and meanings as defined by the User Terms. Please review the Privacy Policy periodically as we may revise it from time to time. If you do not agree with or accept our Privacy Policy in its entirety, you must not access or use the Interface. If you use the Interface following a change to the terms of this Privacy Policy you agree to accept the revised policies. Please do not submit any information to us if you reside in a Restricted Territory or if you or your organization is a Restricted Person or US Person.
2. Information Collected
At Orange, we may collect the following information from you when you access or use the Interface:
Digital Wallet address, transaction history, and other associated information.
Interactions with the Interface include but are not limited to usage data and preferences.
Online identifiers like computer and browser information, operating system, data usage, IP address, and data transferred.
Information provided by third parties or publicly accessible databases which we may combine with other information collected.
3. Use of Your Information
Where applicable, we will use any information collected as directed by you and in accordance with the User Terms. Further, we may use your information in the following ways:
to provide any services offered by the Interface, to process transactions, and to maintain, develop, and operate the Interface;
to enforce the Privacy Policy or User Terms; to comply with applicable laws; to respond to third-party, legal, and governmental inquiries; and to investigate any illegal or fraudulent activity;
to enhance or improve our users’ experiences;
to send and receive information to you via selected communication methods as set forth within the User Terms or where requested by you;
to notify you of additional Orange services and updates;
to assist in maintaining the functionality, safety, and security of the Interface;
to share your information with third-party contractors hired by us to perform functions and provide services to us such as infrastructure providers, Blockchain technology providers, marketing providers, and other vendors we use to make available the Interface;
to release to governmental entities, authorities, or legal claimants as required.
4. Analytics
Third-party analytics tools collect or use information about your use of the Interface, which helps us improve the Interface. We want to process as little personal information as possible when you use the Interface. That's why we've chosen Fathom Analytics for Interface analytics, which doesn't use cookies and complies with the GDPR, ePrivacy (including PECR), COPPA, and CCPA. Using this privacy-friendly website analytics software, your IP address is only briefly processed, and we (running this website) have no way of identifying you. As per the CCPA, your personal information is de-identified. You can read more about this on the website.
However, if you’d like to entirely exclude your anonymized visits from showing up in our analytics, go to the page for opt-out instructions.
5. Governmental Entities
We may combine any information collected with the information made available in third-party databases and public sources. We may use such information to address claims, respond to governmental inquiries or requests, or investigate issues. Further, such information may be shared with governmental entities including criminal, civil, and regulatory agencies. Please be aware that we may keep copies of your information subject to our internal retention policies for the purposes of abiding by Applicable Laws or to prevent fraud or injury to a third-party.
6. Cookies
When you first come to the Interface, you may receive a notification that cookies are present. By clicking or tapping “Accept,” you agree to the use of these cookies as described here. By tapping “Decline,” you refuse to accept cookies from the Interface. If you refuse cookies, you might not be able to use other cookie-dependent features of the Interface. To manage specific Cookie settings, review this Privacy Policy for further information.
6.1 What is a Cookie
A cookie is a small string of text that a website (or online service) stores on a user’s browser. It saves data on your browser about your visit to our site or other sites. It often includes a unique identifier (e.g., cookie #123).
“First-party cookies” are cookies set by us (or on our behalf) on our site.
“Third-party cookies” are cookies set by other companies whose functionality is embedded into a site (e.g.,
“Session cookies” are temporary cookies stored on your device while you visit the Interface. They expire when you close your browser.
“Persistent cookies” are stored on your browser for a period of time after you leave the Interface. Persistent cookies expire on a set expiration date or when they are deleted manually.
6.2 Cookies the Interface Uses
We use a first-party, persistent session cookie, connectedWallets, to recognize returning users’ wallet addresses so that the user does not have to log in when returning to the Interface.
6.3 Disabling Cookies Through Your Browser
Most browsers automatically accept cookies, but this is typically something you can adjust. Information for each browser can be found in the links below:
​ and: Note that, by default, Safari is engineered to protect you from being tracked from site to site unless you disable Intelligent Tracking Prevention (ITP).
​: By default, Firefox protects you from cross-site tracking so long as you have not disabled Enhanced Tracking Protection (ETP). There is therefore less need to manage cookies to protect your privacy.
​: Enabling tracking prevention with Edge will protect you from being tracked between sites, such that there will be less of a need to manage your cookies in order to protect your privacy.
​. Note that Samsung Internet Browser includes “Smart Watch” protection that works to help protect you from being tracked across sites.
Brave: Brave has several mechanisms to keep you from being tracked online, but you can if you wish to have greater control over its decisions.
For more information about other browsers, please refer to this.
To reset your device identifier, follow and.
7. Accessing and Editing Your Information
If you have any questions regarding any information collected please contact us at.
8. Opt Out of Commercial, Non-Commercial Communications and Do Not Track
If you decide to provide us with your contact information, you agree that we may send you communications via email or other methods. However, you may choose to unsubscribe from certain communications by notifying Orange that you no longer wish to receive these communications, we will endeavor to honor such requests promptly. If you wish to opt out of certain communications or information collection, please contact us at [email protected].
9. Third-Party Websites and Links
When accessing a third-party site through our Interface, you acknowledge that you are aware that these third-party websites are not screened for privacy or security issues by us, and you release us from any liability for the conduct of these third-party websites. Please be aware that this Privacy Policy, and any other policies in place, in addition to any amendments, do not create rights enforceable by third parties. Orange bears no responsibility for the information collected or used by any third-party website. You must review their policies to understand how their information collection practices work.
10. Security Measures
We make reasonable attempts to protect your information by using physical and electronic safeguards such as encryption. However, as the Interface relies on Blockchain Technology and electronic infrastructure that we have no control over, we can make no guarantees as to the security or privacy of your information submitted. For this reason, we recommend that you use anti-virus software, firewalls, and other precautions to protect yourself from security and privacy threats.
11. Age Compliance
We do not collect or process any information for any persons under the age of majority in your jurisdiction (“Minors”). Please do not submit information to us if you are under the age of majority in your applicable jurisdiction. In the event that we have inadvertently collected any information from a Minor please contact us immediately.
12. International Transfer
Your information may be transferred to – and maintained on – computers located outside of your state, province, country, or other governmental jurisdiction where the privacy laws may not be as protective as those in your jurisdiction. Your consent to this Privacy Policy followed by your submission of such information represents your agreement to that transfer. Information that is submitted to Orange will be collected, processed, stored, disclosed, and disposed of in accordance with applicable UK law and this Policy. In addition, such information may be stored on servers located outside your resident jurisdiction. United Kingdom law may not provide the degree of protection for information that is available in other countries.
13. Merger and Acquisition
In the event that Orange is involved in a bankruptcy, merger, acquisition, reorganization, or sale of assets, your information may be transferred as part of that transaction. Please be aware that once the information is transferred your privacy rights may change.
14. Amendments
Like our User Terms, we may amend this Privacy Policy from time to time. When we amend this Privacy Policy, we will modify the date listed on this Privacy Policy or we may contact you. You must agree to the amendments as a condition of your continued use of our Interface. If you do not agree, you must immediately cease using our Interface.
15. Contact
If you have any questions regarding our Privacy Policy please contact us at [email protected].
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